TABE® Tutor

Fully aligned to the new TABE® 11 & 12, TABE® Tutor workbooks provide step-by-step instruction in an easy-to-follow format and targeted practice questions to build reading, language, and math skills. Each workbook concludes with a full-length TABE® practice test to boost learners’ confidence and score.

Each TABE® Tutor workbook prepares students to focus on TABE® objectives in a concise, easy-to-follow format.

TABE® Tutor Reading content reflects mature life and work-related situations, while building reading comprehension and critical-thinking skills.

TABE® Tutor Language content focuses on building effective communication skills that adult learners need on the job and throughout life.

TABE® Tutor Math content reflects math application focused on life and work-related situations, particularly routine tasks such as estimating quantities and making computations involving time, distance, weight, and more.

Instruction explains skills and concepts, defines key terms, and provides step-by-step examples needed to master TABE® / College and Career Readiness Standards.

Test Examples provide students with guided practice in the context of a test question.

Independent Practice gives students a chance to apply the skills as they answer items modeled on TABE® test items.

Hints provide extra information about a skill.

Strategies provide test-taking tips for answering test questions and strengthen critical thinking.

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