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Students Master Core Academic Skills and Pass High-Stakes Tests

SkillsTutor works because it diagnoses and identifies gaps in a student’s knowledge, prescribes instruction, and then tests for mastery of a subject. Lessons can be correlated to state standards or customized to your classroom lesson plans.

It supports differentiated instruction and provides accountability by tracking individual and group scores, time-on-task, product usage, and lesson assignments. Real-time progress reports save teachers time, streamline the learning process, document results, and monitor student progress for teachers, administrators, and parents.

A Powerful Management System Makes Tracking Progress Easy!

  • Nineteen reports help monitor student and class progress
  • Diagnostic tests identify student’s skill mastery and defi­ciencies and lets you customize each student’s assignment
  • Prescriptive assignments provide students with individualized help that aligns to standards
  • Adaptive lessons monitor student understanding and supply needed guidance and progress

Data-Driven Decisions Improve Learning!

What is SkillsTutor: Core Skills?

SkillsTutor: Core Skills is the SkillsTutor everyone knows and loves in an updated package with a focus on grade 6+ skills. SkillsTutor: Core Skills features a new student interface and is compatible with all modern web browsers.

SkillsTutor is an E-Learning solution that provides flexible learning options, motivating and easy to use lessons and tutorials, self paced learning progress, differentiated instruction, online access 24/7, and automatic reporting to instantly monitor progress.

Core Skills Covers
Basic Math (6+)
• Number Concepts  • Computation 
• Word Problems    • Problem Solving
• Measurement and Geometry
Intermediate Math (6+)
• Proportion and Percent  • Introduction to Algebra
• Statistics and Probability
Reading (6+)
• Vocabulary Building  • Word Knowledge
• Reading Comprehension
Writing (6+)
• Language Mechanics  • Language Usage
• Sentence Structure

Why choose SkillsTutor: Core Skills?

SkillsTutor: Core Skills covers the basic skills everyone needs for school and work.

  • Provides skills based practice in math, reading, and language
  • Helps students master skills needed to make level gains on ABE tests
  • Helps students re-connect to foundational skills needed for high school equivalency tests
  • Helps students gain proficiency with basic skills needed for employment

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