Curriculum Continuum Resources

An overview of the Paxen Steck-Vaughn series appropriate for each NRS level, listing scale scores for TABE® 11 & 12 and for CASAS GOALS for each level.

TABE® Tutor Resources

Paxen offers several free resources to help you with implementing TABE® Tutor in your program.

Paxen Suite of Solutions

Comprehensive correlations of the TABE 11 & 12 standards to the entire line of Paxen Steck-Vaughn Adult Education resources. The SOS document can be used to find additional instruction and practice activities for the skills assessed on the TABE 11 & 12 tests.

TABE® Tutor Plan of Instruction

The plan of instruction can be used in conjunction with the TABE 11 & 12 Individual Profile to assign lessons that target a student’s area for improvement.

TABE® Tutor Practice Test Analysis Charts

The practice test analysis charts can be used to identify the skills and concepts a student misses on the practice test as well as provide a path for review and remediation.

TABE® Tutor Correlations

The TABE Tutor series provides instruction and practice for the skills assessed on TABE 11 & 12 Levels E, M, D, and A.

Other TABE® 11 & 12 Resources

If you’re looking for resources for TABE 11 & 12 Level L, please refer to the TABE 11 & 12 Level L Crosswalk to Fundamental Skills Literacy.