How are Paxen Focus Spanish GED® courses sold?

Paxen Focus is sold as an annual subscription in sets of 10-seat transferrable licenses. An annual subscription to our Spanish GED® courses includes access to all four GED® subject-areas. The base price is $699.50 for a 10-seat bundle, but discounts are available for larger purchases. Please contact your Paxen account executive or and indicate the state in which you are located to receive a customized quote.

How do I request a demo of Paxen Focus Spanish GED® courses?

Please contact your Paxen account executive or and indicate the state in which you are located to request a demo.

We have some turn-over of students. Can we un-enroll a student and reuse that license for another student?

Yes. Paxen Focus seats are transferrable, which means that you can re-assign a seat to another student if a student stops attending class.

Does the system provide a report that indicates student time-on-task?

Yes. Teachers and administrators can run student reports that indicate students’ time-on-task.

Does the system have a time-out function if a student is inactive for too long? If so, what is the setting for the inactive time?

Yes. By default, the system is set to time-out students after 15 minutes of inactivity. That time period can be customized by the administrator.

What teacher training is available for programs who purchase Paxen Focus Spanish GED® courses? Is the training free or is there an additional charge?

We provide quick-start guides and access to recorded tutorials and webinars. We also offer customers one free live-webinar training during implementation. Additional live-webinars and on-site trainings are available at an additional charge.

I have students who need practice in all four subjects and others who need only one or two subjects. Will students see courses for all four subjects or can I assign only what they need?

While programs have access to all four subject-areas with a subscription, they can assign individual courses to match student needs.

Is it possible to add some Pre GED material to our classes?

Yes. We offer Pre GED (6.0 to 8.9 grade level) courses and Fundamental Skills (0.0 to 5.9 grade level) courses in both English and Spanish. Programs can purchase subscriptions to additional levels or a multi-level subscription.

Can we mix and match English and Spanish course subscriptions in the 10-seat purchase?

No. The English bundles and Spanish bundles are sold separately. You would need to purchase separate subscriptions for the English bundle of GED® courses if you want both language options.

How does the material in the Paxen Focus Spanish GED® courses relate to the material in the print books?

The content in the Paxen Focus Spanish GED® courses mirrors the content in the Spanish versions of the Steck-Vaughn Test Preparation for the GED® Test student editions and workbooks. This allows teachers to switch seamlessly between print and digital.