High School Equivalency Test Preparation

To study for the High School Equivalency Test (HiSET®) or the Test Assessing Secondary Completion™ (TASC), learners need a solid skills foundation. Our Steck-Vaughn High School Equivalency Test Preparation series is ideally suited to help learners prepare for these assessments and help them master these tests.

The Steck-Vaughn High School Equivalency Test Preparation series offers in-depth coverage of all the subject areas (Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies) and gives complete, focused instruction and practice. The materials are updated to reflect the most recent specifications of the HiSET assessment and TASC test in level of difficulty and the types of questions asked.

Comprehensive lessons include callouts, learning strategies, test-taking tips, and guided practice items to aid learners in the development of close reading and strategic-thinking skills. Each lesson features a companion page of instructional support with brief, targeted options for assisting learners with lesson content.

The series also offers an Instructor Edition, which provides support for each lesson with targeted suggestions for decoding, skill review, connections to past skills and to other disciplines, and using graphic organizers.

Features of the HSE Program

  • Materials are updated to align with the most recent specifications for the HiSET Exam and TASC Test and are consistent with the level of difficulty, types of stimulus, and types of questions asked
  • Lessons follow a standard Learn–Practice–Apply instructional sequence where content builds across lessons to support the introduction of more complex topics
  • Focused instruction on key skills and concepts, followed by test practice
  • Practice questions that incorporate informational reading passages, graphics, maps, diagrams, and authentic literature
  • Emphasis on higher-order thinking skills with content knowledge
  • Unit practice tests
  • Glossaries of key terms for each subject area
  • Detailed annotated answer keys
  • Entire series (all subject areas) is available in print, digital, or blended format

Build Confidence with 3-Step Instruction

  • Apply The Skill

    The "Apply the Skill" section includes passages, visuals, and practice items, providing ample practice for students.

  • Learn The Skill

    The “Learn the Skill” section defines key terms and provides information about the targeted skill.

  • Practice The Skill

    The “Practice the Skill” section provides strategies and information to help students understand and interpret passages or graphics.

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