Second Edition:

The same great content combined into one book per level

Many adult learners are in need of review, remediation, and reinforcement of basic skills in reading, writing, mathematics, or all of the above before they can tackle high school equivalency exams and/or seek meaningful employment. To help these learners get up to speed, we’re pleased to offer Fundamental Skills, Second Edition, a comprehensive leveled series that will enable you to deliver instruction tailored to the specific needs of each learner.

This program offers skills development targeted to 3 different learning levels Beginning Literacy (grade level K–1), Beginning Basic (grade level 2–3), and Intermediate Basic (grade level 4–5). Content is age-appropriate for adult learners. The program consists of content area workbooks for each of the levels described above. Content-area online courses are also available in Paxen Focus, our powerful online learning platform.

Beginning Literacy

Grade level K to 1

Beginning Basic

Grade level 2 to 3

Intermediate Basic

Grade level 4 to 5

Features and Benefits

• Developed especially for adult learners, not repurposed from a pre-existing K–12 program
• Content is chunked into manageable units to ensure step-by-step skills development
• Controlled readability and vocabulary give learners a comfortable structure in which to grow
• Positive reinforcement builds learner’s confidence and enables steady progress to successive levels
• Learning objectives are aligned to College and Career Readiness Standards and CASAS (Comprehensive    Adult Student Assessment Systems) standards.

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