Work-Readiness Preparation Series

The road to a stronger future sometimes involves unforeseen twists and turns. Enter Career Pathways, a new series of work-readiness titles that helps learners draw a straight line between career interests and gainful employment. This series, which correlates to a host of national competencies, provides learners with in-depth understanding of the necessary skills to seek, secure, and succeed in high-interest positions. Companion titles in areas of document and financial literacy provide learners with the confidence and skills to successfully tackle a 21st-century economy.

Titles in the Series


Independent Living

Enter the independent world with this title
that provides learners with instruction and
practice in a host of areas, all designed to build
skills and increase confidence. In particular,
acquire and master social, life and career skills.


Effective Employee

Effective Employee equips emerging professionals
with the skills, experiences, and intangibles to
excel and advance in today’s workplace. An
engaging narrative and high-interest features help
learners unlock the secrets to lasting success.


Document Literacy

In Document Literacy, we put fine print under
the microscope. A series of detailed callouts help
learners decode and master complex consumer,
personal, business, and financial documents. Chapter
reviews allow learners to check understanding.


Employment Essentials

Employment Essentials helps job seekers produce
eye-catching applications, resumes, and cover
letters. It uses an engaging narrative, appealing
visuals, and activities and assessments designed
to amplify understanding and outcomes.


Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy provides all the essential tools for
understanding and using computers, smart phones
and modern communication systems. The book
pares down the often over-complex world of digital
devices and offers a no-nonsense approach.


Green Jobs

Stuck in a rut? Want a better future? Then Green
Jobs is the resource for you. Packed with information,
activities, and support, Green Jobs provides
insight into one of the fastest-growing areas of
the United States economy: green industries.

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