Adult Education & Family Literacy Week

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National Adult Education and
Family Literacy Week

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Paxen Publishing is proud to join other adult education advocates to bring awareness to adult education and family literacy during Adult Education and Family Literacy Week, September 22 – 28, 2019.

At Paxen Publishing, we strive to create a world where every adult learner has the tools to reach his or her goals in education and career, and every instructor has quality materials to help their students reach those goals. We know that attaining a high school equivalency credential is an important goal for many adults, and achieving that goal is a life changing event that opens doors and provides opportunities for a better education, better job, and better life.

According to the National Coalition for Literacy:

      • Adults without a high school diploma are more than twice as likely to be unemployed, working in low-wage jobs, living in poverty, and relying on government aid programs as those with higher levels of education.
      • Nearly 30% of adults with household incomes at or below the poverty line do not have high school credentials.
      • Individuals with high school credentials earn about $10,000 more annually than those without.
      • Education levels had more effect on earnings over a 40-year span than any other demographic factor, such as gender, race, and Hispanic origin.
      • Approximately 37% of adults enrolled in adult education are unemployed.
      • As of 2018, 63% of all U.S. jobs require education beyond high school. Yet nearly half of the workforce has only a high school education or less and/or low English proficiency.

As a sign of our commitment to support all adult education programs, Paxen Publishing is offering a 10% discount on books from our Steck-Vaughn GED Test Preparation and High School Equivalency Test Preparation series from the beginning of Adult Education and Family Literacy Week through the end of October. (September 22 – October 31, 2019) 

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(May not be combined with any other offers. Offer valid only for the series indicated.)