Paxen Publishing Announces the Return of SkillsTutor

Paxen Publishing, Steck-Vaughn Adult Education Solutions, is pleased to announce the return of SkillsTutor.

SkillsTutor is a well-respected supplemental online learning platform used to help increase proficiency in math, reading, writing, language, science, and workforce readiness. Paxen Publishing’s best-in-class, award winning, research-based solution, SkillsTutor is aligned with Common Core Standards and state and national standards.

Over 2,200 basic skills and thinking skills help support teachers, while giving students a tool to improve test scores, meet mandated state objectives and achieve better results fast. Quizzes and tests quickly identify skill deficiencies and prescribe appropriate lessons. Self-paced learning engages students and makes them feel comfortable practicing skills in an engaging environment similar to standardized tests.

SkillsTutor can be used as a teacher-aided instructional tool or as a one-on-one tutoring resource with minimal guidance. Differentiated instruction, diagnostic testing, prescriptive assignments and automatic reporting are incorporated. A powerful, easy-to-use management system allows you to assign lessons by standard, monitors’ progress and provides administrators and teachers with real-time usage and performance data. Teachers, students and administrators can access the product and any reports from their iPads or other digital devices.
SkillsTutor products cover a wide range of subjects and Paxen Publishing has produced over 100 lessons that help youth and adults build employability skills such as career decision making, job seeking, and work maturity.

For more information on Skills Tutor, please contact an account executive today.

Paxen Publishing is a recognized leader in the development of a wide array of curriculum that helps Americans build functional, employable skills and attain a GED with potential for higher educational goals. Meeting the diverse needs of government agencies, national non-profits, school districts, private companies and foundations alike, Paxen’s custom learning materials provide teachers and individuals with the tools they need in order to build lasting academic, job and life skills.